PJP-N-M 20x6 Precision Pair Beechwood Propellers for Multicopter (15mm)


Xoar PJP-N-M 20x6 2060 RC Multi-Rotor Propellers. 1 Pair of 20 Inch Black Wood Props CW CCW for Electric Motor (XOAR Titan T5012, T5015, T-Motor, Hacker, KDE, Scorpion Power)


Made of premium top grade German Beechwood. It is excellent for minimal elongation, breakpoint and distortion, therefore it is the best for making Wooden RC Electric Propeller.


Each XOAR Precision Pair is CNC digital imaging processed and manually balanced both horizontally and vertically for minimal vibration and hand selected for minimizing weight difference in each precision pair for the best performance.


Stable and Accurate Performance for Multi-Rotor Applications. Responsive, Smoother and Quieter Flight Compare to Aftermarket Plastic and Carbon Fiber Props.


Professional grade applications where performance and accurate response are TOP Priority such as Cinematography, Security, Agriculture, Survey & Mapping, Research & Rescue, Mining, Traffic Monitoring and More to replace generic plastic props.

  • 1 x Xoar 20x6 2060 PJP-N-M Matte Black Beechwood Precision Pair Propeller CW
  • 1 x Xoar 20x6 2060 PJP-N-M Matte Black Beechwood Precision Pair Propeller CCW
Do not over tighten screws.
  • Color: Matte Black Finish
  • Diameter: 20 in
  • Pitch: 6
  • Weight: 99 g ± 0.5 g Per Prop
  • Bore Diameter: 8mm
  • Side Holes Diameter: 3.2mm
  • Side Holes Circular Diameter: 15mm
  • Props: 1 x CW; 1 x CCW
  • Compatible Motors: XOAR Titan T5012, T5015, T-Motor, KDE, and Scorpion System

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