PJU Beechwood 3-Blade RC Props Turbo Propeller Pusher

  • XOAR is one of the most reputable propeller brands for RC Aircraft and Multicopters.
  • TOP QUALITY: Carefully selected Beechwood, advanced airfoil design, and CNC digital imaging process ensures consistent quality and best RC aircraft performance.
  • PRE-BALANCED*: Each Xoar prop is balanced both horizontally and vertically to minimize vibration and achieve dynamic balance.
  • Compatible motors:  
  • 25-26inch  JETCAT STP 10
  • 30.5inch KINGTECH K100TPG4
Diameter Pitch Average Net Weight* Shaft Diameter+
25" 16 336g 12mm
26" 12,14 330g 12mm
26" 20 430g 12mm
30.5" 19 600g 12mm
*Final balance check is suggested before flight due to external factors such as temperature. Handling during transit may vary the balance of the propeller.

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