Pulse ESC P120


XOAR Pulse ESC - part of the family of XOAR Propulsion System.

  • Fast Response, High Efficiency
  • Low Noise, Temperature, and Interference
  • Optimized to work with XOAR Titan, Titan Air.
Model 120A
PWM Voltage 3.3V/5V(compatible)
Online Update NA
Accelerator Protection included
Short-circuit Protection included
Size(L*W*H) 81.8*41.2*23.2mm
Power Line 12AWG
Lithium Battery 5-14s
Recommended Battery 12s
Compatible Signal Frequency 50-500Hz
Current Protection included
Stalling Protection included
Error Signal Output included
Protection Grade IP67(sealing)
Motor Line 12AWG
Continuous Current 120A(good cooling condition)
Instant Current 180A(good cooling condition)
Accelerator Pulse Width default 1100us-1940us, support accelerator adjustment
Voltage Protection included
Temperature Protection included
Speed Signal Output included
Weight(without lines) ˜140g
Working Temperature -20~65℃

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